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Eudardo Westphal(2007)

A Linguagem da Arquitectura Hospitalar de João Figueiras Lima
Orientador: Benamy Turkienicz
This work aims at describing the elements that characterize the architectural language of João Filgueiras Lima, Lelé, developed for the Sarah Network of Hospitals for the Locomotor System, looking for the identification of attributes that assign identity to his projects and allow creativity despite of using an industrialized construction system. The analysis reached spatial articulation, using Space Syntax; the composition of shapes and their articulation, using Shape Grammars’ concepts; and the articulation of building components, using Color Grammars concepts. The identified attributes allowed the description of a genealogy of design procedures applicable to the synthesis of the language of Lelé. Such attributes are integrated into ways for coding a Genetic Algorithm that maps new solutions under the described language and the constraints of the hospital program and the industrialization process. The understanding of such genealogy finds applications both in professional practice and architectural design teaching. The conclusions of this work suggest the further development of the analysis, looking for a more complex algorithm able to search for fitter solutions

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