sexta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2009

Belinda Torus

Generative Design in Architecture and Mass-Customization
In this study, the generative design in housing is characterized through the utilization of shape grammars. The functions and the relations within a chosen housing typology are described and different types are produced through the defined relations. Three main constraints are the number of inhabitants (room numbers and sizes), the number of storeys and the main module. In this case, cube is selected as the main module. Mardin is selected as a region to be focused on because of its grammatical housing morphology. Different colors are given to different functions; kitchens, living spaces, rooms, bathrooms, semi-open spaces and open spaces. Different types and variations are produced computationally, and by using this method, it is aimed to integrate the customers to the generative design process. This method is likely to emphasize variation and personalization and make a start to mass customization.

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