terça-feira, 2 de junho de 2009

Rosirene Mayer (2003) A linguagem de Oscar Niemeyer,

Orientador: Benamy Turkienicz This work aims at describing the elements that characterize Oscar Niemeyer’s singular architectural language. It argues that the identification of these elements passes for the scrutiny of non-visible aspects of his work. The identification was possible taking into consideration from the analysis of buildings characterized for curved profile and the construction of a model that associates the compositional elements utilized by Niemeyer to a Shape Grammar. The utilization of the model made it possible to reveal the generative principles - set of rules, vocabulary and geometric relations - that characterize Niemeyer’s style and architectural language. It also helped showing how Niemeyer’s language associates, in an original way, operations of transformation such as rotation, reflection, and translation to a vocabulary of curves. The association has its parameters on a drawn line which acts as a regulator based on the golden section. As its conclusion, the work suggests possibilities of development of this grammar for all the forms utilized by Niemeyer and the aplication of generative principles in the teaching of architecture.

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